Artistic formations

Dharts, the art educational service of Destelheide, organises several artistic formations in 2016.

Museum Night Fever-project with Vincent Glowinski and Sofie Saller

An artistic week for artistic youngsters at Destelheide followed by a unique performance for hundreds of spectators at Botanique in Brussels during the exhibition Mater Museum.

When? February (rehearsals) and March 5 (performance)

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Masterclass Photography in the periphery of Brussels

Photographer Stephanie Kiwitt and photo theorist Steven Humblet took 10 advanced photographers with them on a photograpic journey to Linkebeek, Drogenbos and Vorst, the Flemish periphery of Brussels! 

When? March 25-28

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Masterclass contemporary dance with Daniel Linehan

Choreographer Daniel Linehan taught a masterclass for advanced amateur dancers about his last creation 'dbddbb' and the themes rhythm, musicality and movement. 

When? March 30 to April 2

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Day of the Dance

An inspiring day with four dance workshops especially for youngsters and youth workers: contemporary dance, dance education, Ultima Vez and Bollywood! 

When? Saturday April 23

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Masterclass juggling in collaboration with Garage 29

Circus artist and director Nicanor de Elia will be working with professional jugglars in this masterclass, with the aim of a public showing at Destelheide and at OFFestival at Garage 29 in Brussels.

When? May 19-23

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Summer Academy

The Summer Academy is an artistic oasis that offers time and space to experiment, create and exchange. This year there are 11 artistic ateliers: Image and imagery, Composition of movement, Photography, Happening sound, Costume design, Re-design, Songwriting, Write and play, Writing stories, Visual music, Vocal and musical theatre

When? July 18-24

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