Management ADJ

The non-profit organisation 'Algemene Dienst voor Jeugdtoerisme' (ADJ - General Agency for Youth Tourism) manages Destelheide and is responsible for its operations. This is done within the scope of a contract with the Flemish government. Apart from this, the organisation also manages domain de Hoge Rielen in Kasterlee.


ADJ coordinates and manages the offer of infrastructure and services of the Dutch-speaking Community for youth groups, based on a vision on the evolutions in society and with the objective to promote and realise the educational targets of youth groups.


Free De Backer, voorzitter (president)
Gerd Vertommen, ondervoorzitter
Dries Hostens, penningmeester
Gerda Clerix, secretaris
Hanneleen Broeckx, bestuurder
Waut Hespel, bestuurder
Pieter Nuytinck, bestuurder
Stefaan Vandelacluze, bestuurder

General assemblee

Free De Backer
Gerd Vertommen
Dries Hostens
Gerda Clerix
Hanneleen Broeckx
Waut Hespel
Pieter Nuytinck
Stefaan Vandelacluze
Gil Géron
Toon Luypaert
Dylan Peere
Roger Van Kelst



Algemene Dienst voor Jeugdtoerisme
Molenstraat 62
2460 Kasterlee