Artists in residence

Dharts, the art educational service of Destelheide, invites professional theatre, circus, dance and music groups as well as visual artists to become artist in residence at Destelheide.

As artist in residence you can make use - for free - of our performing arts hall De Put or another workspace suited for your needs (depending on the availability of the rooms). You only pay for your meals and overnight stay at Destelheide, for a total price of 23.5 euros per person per day all included. Our residencies are always in full board. A residency starts on a weekday, there is no minumum or maximum period for our residencies.

Our technicians can help you with basic technical needs. If you want to do a more advanced technical creation, it is best to take your own technician with you. All technical information you can find in the technical specifications sheet of De Put and in the technical specifications sheet of our hanging points (especially for circus artists).

We always ask to do a try-out, open rehearsal, run through, moment of interaction... with the youth groups (16+) at Destelheide. These try-outs are always very positive experiences, because artists get the chance to show their material to an interested audience and the youngsters can ask questions to the artists afterwards. A staff member of Dharts is always present to arrange the showing and to do an introduction/aftertalk.

For visual artists, we try to arrange a guided tour in the atelier

A list of previous artists in residence you can see here.

If you want to apply for a residency of if you have questions about it, you can send an email to You can click here for more informations.

Are you a visitor of Destelheide and curious whether there will be artists present during your stay? Have a look in our activity calendar. Perhaps, you can attend a free try-out of a concert or a theatre or dance performance during your stay. Dharts provides some extra information on these try-outs and gives you the chance to enter into a dialogue with the artists.